Kalderon feat Natalie Blumen - Siempre Loca (Lyric Video)

Publicat pe 3 iun. 2021
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Composer: Jonathan Daniel Calderon Vera, Natalie Flores Toapanta, Carlo Claudio Gattuso
Lyricist: Jonathan Daniel Calderon Vera, Natalie Flores Toapanta, Carlo Claudio Gattuso
Performer: Kalderon \u0026 Natalie Blumen

Licensing: contact@mediapromusic.ro

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  • Kalderon


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    xelyy 95

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    Loveeeeeeeeeeeee 😍💥❤️

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    *_I know that 99% will ignore this but only 1% who is reading this is a very sweet person and have a great life and good luck in the future_*

    *_Love from a small YouTuber_* 🖤

  • Natalie Blumen

    Natalie Blumen

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    ♏️💜😈#SIEMPRELOCA 😈💜♏️

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    Ratno Tikto

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    So beautiful music 👍😀